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Simplicity: Oh The Sound Of It!

Simplicity: Oh The Sound Of It!

Some of us long for the days of simpler times and less drama.

We remember growing up with fewer safety rules and less fear.

When I saw this 4-H project at the fair in Townsend Montana I had to snap a picture to show you that simplicity is a live and well you just have to be in the right place to find it.

The last two years wore many of us out and we no longer care about what we wear, what kind of vehicle we drive or what the neighbors think of us.

Simplicity is not for everyone. Oh, there’s a cost and you will pay it but there’s also a Peace that follows your decision, a Peace that cannot be explained.

As I’ve reported in other blogs, I’m starting to pray for the little things as well as the big. You know, simple stuff like our health, my day, a project, each of my clients and the state of our nation.

These aren’t big haughty prayers with eloquent words but simple requests to the creator from the heart of one of his creations, me.

What I’m discovering is when I pray about things it takes my efforts out of the picture. Let me explain. If I put my request before the Father it takes it out of my hands and puts it into His. When things work out, I can’t take credit because I already relinquished control to Him. When my requests are answered in ways unimaginable I know it wasn’t me but Him who altered or made it happen.

When you live in a small community and services are harder to find, you learn to depend on others, more. For me the same is true of God. Fewer trappings mean a clearer road to conversation. There aren’t as many traffic lights or road closures to get in the way of your moments with Him.

Don’t mistake simplicity for easier, oh no, quite the opposite but there’s something that puts you at ease about being simple.

Oh and if you aren’t sure what simple looks like, it’s actually simple, just ask.

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T and I have always made the effort to live a simple, back to basics lifestyle. We garden, camp, hike, bike, enjoy yard sales, have family gatherings, watch old shows and movies, do community things, buy local as much as possible, and have a home based furniture refinishing business. We are good stewards of what we have and don't have to have the latest and greatest. As I write this I am having coffee on the back patio and watching the sun stretch it's rays across the valley. God is good and we leave the things we can't change to Him. As a result, He has blessed us many times over with a simple peace. - M

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