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Silent Night? I Highly Doubt It

Silent Night? I Highly Doubt It

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I listen to the hymn Silent Night and can’t help but wonder, was the birth of Jesus really silent?

We know He was not really born on December 25th but Christmas means Christs Birth so history and the Bible confirm that did happen.

As the story goes Jesus was born while his parents were in Bethlehem for the census. There was no room at the inn so the place had to be busy and bustling with people.

His family got stuck staying in basically a stall not a motel six or even a Hilton Inn.

There wasn’t a lot of fanfare in the streets, at least not because of the birth of one child. The only folks who showed up to celebrate were some dirty old shepherds. (despite what the manger scene portrays wisemen didn’t show up until three years later)

So in an earthly sense, yes, I guess Christs birth was a silent night.

But remember Mary was pregnant and not married. I’m sure the gossips and social media of the day were not silent at the fact that this unmarried woman was with child.

Think of the rumors on Twitter and the canceling that was done.

Oh, they weren’t silent.

And what did they say about Joseph?

He got this young girl pregnant(is what they thought) and still hadn’t married her.

And the child! A bastard child, the shame.

Oh, and then all the rumors of prophets saying this child was special, how could a bastard child be special and Mary and Joseph were nobodies.

The Heavens certainly weren’t silent.

God’s plan was in action and stories passed from one generation to another about a king, were finally coming to pass.

But most probably didn’t understand or see it.

Perhaps there were believers and those who canceled them for “Fake News”.

Often times when God is doing His most powerful work it is done in the shadows of silence.

Oh, the demons and viscous humans stir, scrape and scratch at truth and light but they really don’t understand the depth of what is happening right under the surface. One wonders why they can’t see it but perhaps that’s all part of the plan.

Silent Night.

I wonder if today the same sort of rebirth is underway.

Silent Night.

On the surface turmoil and unrest garner the headlines.

On the outside gossip and scandal gain the attention of the blind.

Silent Night.

But settled just below the surface, hidden from view, but boiling is something prophetic being born in each one of us.

Silent Night.

Christ came to set us free.

Silent Night.

He is the truth so His birth on this earth is bound to cause problems.

Silent Night;

He is an exposer of sorts, just His presence calls out evil and removes the veil of lies.

“Silent night, holy night, all is calm all is bright.”

Only on the outside.

Merry Christmas

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Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Dec 25, 2022

It was common in those days for the barn stall was on the ground and people lived atop. Horrid conditions for anyone to be in. But they trusted God and went where they had to. I can just imagine the haggling going on in the village.

Merry Christmas to you and Kathy!


Merry Christmas to y'all! May the warmth and loved that filled a stable and manger so many years ago fill your hearts for the year to come. - M

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