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Shallow Brooks Are Noisy!

Shallow Brooks Are Noisy

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If you spend any time on the internet, which you must because you’re reading this blog, you know there are a lot of shallow people here that can’t or won’t go very deep.

It’s a lot like a shallow brook or stream.

Over time, muck and debris collect on the bottom of the river bed.

The result: restricted flow, less production and the babbling grows louder.

I read this proverb “ Shallow Brooks Are Noisy.”

It struck me how this is like a metaphor for the human condition right here and now.

Follow me here for a minute:

People become shallow when lured by faulty, flawed, facts and misplaced logic and over time the shallowness of the flow causes a backup and eventually a failure of the system.

Welcome to our world.

Welcome to the United States of America.

Perhaps what’s needed is a cultural dredging?

You know, a large force that comes in and disrupts the foundation, removes debris, causing a deeper, wider channel.

Ports do this all the time.

Tides moving in and out bring debris that fills the channel making it too shallow for anything of substance to pass through.

If America were a river, you’d find lies, deception, disruption and corruption covering the river bottom.

There’s not enough current in the water flow to move it out instead it just spreads it over a wider area until sooner or later the heavy equipment is brought in to tear up the bottom, break up the debris and restore the depth and flow of the river.

If depth is not restored the river system and the American system fail.

Dredging is destructive and leaves casualties.

But without it the system chokes and death is inevitable.

I equate your voice as a tiny dredge.

It’s not yours or my job to destroy anything, the babblers will do that themselves.

All you and I need to do is speak up carefully when we see a problem.

We’ve remained silent too long.

No one likes conflict but think of conflict or truth as the large bucket on that dredge removing the garbage one conversation at a time.

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Kinda the opposite of "Still waters run deep." It's always been a go-to when speaking of someone who doesn't always utter a lot of verbal fill, etc. But that does NOT mean that that person is thinking about the GOOD they can do, or be, in a rough situation. More like someone who wants to wait until all is quiet and then pounce....?


Good point and a very true Proverb. - M

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