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Ridiculous Haters

I’ve Always Had Haters But This is Ridiculous

Had an interaction on FB last night that was most unpleasant.

It got me thinking about a few things I thought I’d run by you.

Back when I was on the news I had no opinion, or at least I had to hide what I thought. I wish the media would do that today but that’s another blog.

When I left the news I started opening up.

First off I ran against Kate Brown as a Republican in a highly Democrat based part of Oregon.

A few people turned on me but most let me be.

When things really turned ugly is when the homeless situation in Eugene got out of hand. I interviewed the homeless, talked with the folks on the street and the stories I got did not match up with the narrative of a well-meaning but enabling community.

Then lawlessness started happening. I started talking about that and the haters turned on me with a biting tongue and no facts to back up their claims. It was the corner of a road you could not turn back.

Along comes COVID and the reaction and fear surrounding the narrative. I called it out as I see it and my coffin was nailed shut.

People say “I remember when I used to like you.” They didn’t like me they liked the guy they thought agreed with them.

Now that I was challenging their ideas and going against political speak digging for answers, I was a douche or whatever other name they decided to call me.

When I left Oregon to find freedom, a whole new group disowned me.

Now, because I was still pointing out problems, many which with they would agree, I was against Oregon. They called me an Oregon Hater.

Jordan Peterson told the story the other day of Jonah. God told Jonah to tell the people of Ninva they were doing the wrong thing. He didn’t want to so he tried to escape. He got himself thrown off the boat and stuck in the belly of a sea monster for three days. He finally did as he was told and things settled down.

Moral of the story? No I’m not Jonah but we each are expected to tell the truth so the truth can set us free. The cost of doing the opposite is, according to the story, not good.

My job, my life, my calling has always been the same….seek the truth, tell it and give the little guy his or her voice.

The deeper I get with this calling the more some hate me.

Back to the conversation on FB. The guy said something I found interesting. He said there are people on both sides who are glad you are gone.

That is probably true.

But there are also a whole lot of people who want their voice heard and understand we have a platform and a way of making that happen.

If we do things to get people to like us we live on a slippery slope.

If we do what is right, what we are called to do and always try to find the truth, God covers the consequences.

Have a great weekend.

Oh and keep standing up for what is right and let the haters do what they do best….hate.

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