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Rick, What Did I tell You?

Rick, What Did I Tell You?

I awoke this morning having slept better than I have in days talking with God. We were in Helena yesterday, stopped at Missouri River Brewery for a beer on the way home when one of the owners said “Hey Rick, you guys want a pair of tickets to Clint Black, he’s playing in Helena tonight?

Our truck was full of stuff and it was 6pm the concert starts at 7:30. We said sure, rushed home (30 minutes) unloaded, changed and drove back.

Country music has a way of making me think more about life.

This isn’t a song but a conversation with God.

It’s my conversation with God not anyone else’s.

Rick: God Im scared.

God: What are you scared about Rick?

Rick: Well, if you look the world is pretty messed up right now.

God: Go on Rick.

Rick: Inflation is making it hard, gas prices, food prices, people are nervous, I’m nervous.

God: I’m on it.

Rick: Every day it seems our leaders lies are being exposed but so many don’t see it, won’t even look, and it keeps getting worse.

God: Do you think I don’t see that?

Rick: Why don’t you do something? Why don’t you open the eyes of people and get us back to normal?

God: You think the way you were living was normal? You think that’s what I have planned for my creation Rick, really?

Rick: People are dying too young. It seems everyday in the news someone perfectly healthy is dropping dead and no one seems to know why. No one is asking questions. It’s as if they don’t really want to know.

God: I know it breaks my heart, Rick, but one day you will understand. I give you all free will and that can be a problem but being free to live as your choose is important to me.

Rick: I went to a Clint Black concert last night and started thinking about the words of songs, the stories of life, not just his songs but other singers songs.

God: Which one specifically Rick?

Rick: “Am I The Only One” by…

God: Alan Lewis?

Rick: Yes.

God: I love that song too. Alan heard me when I whispered the idea in his head and he ran with it. Oh, it’s far better than I had planned. He’s a talented guy.

God: Hey Buddy, you know you are not the only one right?

Rick: Yeh, but culture is against us and it feels like we lose more ground than we gain.

God: Remember what I told you about trusting your feelings or circumstances? We’ve been over this before Rick. Feelings are not bad in fact I made them for a reason but trusting them is not one of them.

Rick: But it’s hard. The uncertainty is really, really difficult.

God: We’ll it doesn’t have to be. Rick, come on we’ve been through so much together when are you going to put the past behind you and understand I’ve got this, I have a plan? I’m here, I’ve got your back and I gave you that precious Kathy, Oh, I do love her, to help you walk through all of this.

Rick: Did I make a mistake?

God: No my son you are right where I want you to be. Well actually you are close.

Rick: What, Townsend wasn’t the spot?

God: No, no, these people, Townsend and Montana is all part of the plan to open you up two a new frontier. The people here will introduce you to a side of you you could never understand without coming here.

Rick: But things are changing and it makes me uncomfortable. I’m nervous.

God: Remember what that college professor told you when you were doing a story with him all those years ago.

Rick: Yes

God: When you ask “What’s the secret of life” he told you “to learn to be comfortable with discomfort

God: Rick, we’ve got this you, me and Kathy. I promise. Have I never left you? Rick: No, but you are good at leaving me hanging.

God: Ha ha ha. Well my son, you are not the easiest of my creations to deal with you know.

Rick: Is it that listening thing again?

God: This conversation is not about correction, not now anyway. I just need you to understand something…..Oh, remember in Coos Bay you heard that song “Somewhere” and cried every time you heard it?

Rick: Yeh.

God: It went like this: “There’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us. Peace and quiet and open air, waits for us, somewhere.”

Rick: I remember.

God: Rick, I’m here. Despite what people think I’m not a passive God watching from a distance to see how you do. I’m here and a part of all of it. Now, step off this path and get back on the one I pointed you on.

Rick: God

God: Yeh.

Rick: Thank you.

God: Hey, it’s what I do. And don’t you forget it. Evil is not and will not prevail. The truth sets people free but consequences are the cost of missing the mark, something people refer to as sin.

I have a plan, just like I told Jeremiah all those years ago. A plan of peace and hope and not of your undoing. But the battle is for the truth and only I can define it.

God: Oh, Rick

Rick: Yeh.

God: It would help if you and I did this more often. No guilt I’m just saying.

Rick: I hear you.

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Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Dec 10, 2022

I have reached the limit with lies and am changing to independent. I’m tired of parties not working for the people. We have to start somewhere. And I’m scared too.

Replying to

As an independent, I would very much like to be able to vote on any candidate in a primary. It's not likely I will ever vote democrat again but I feel all legal voters should have a voice in steering the country and that means being able to vote for whomever they feel is best for the job.

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