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Question Everything But God

Question Everything But God

I’m pro-questioning, it’s how I grew up and what I’ve done for a living my entire life.

But when it comes to God “it is not the part of faith to question, but to obey.”

Now, before some of you jump all over me let me clarify. Questioning religiousness, the church or even things you find in the Bible is not the same as questioning God.

The world is a mess right now.

Wrong is seen as right and what is right is seen by some of us as very wrong and yet in the midst of all of this, at the helm is God.

The world seems so comfortable with corruption. Someone told me what a liar Trump is/was and I agreed but when it came to Biden, this person gave him a pass. A lie is a lie and one who lies is a liar. So, how inconsistent our culture has become when one can be blind as to call out one and not the other.

Yes, it’s frustrating and hypocritical and I am in no way excusing such ignorant behavior.

We as a culture dug this whole and now, as a society are suffering the consequences together.

I’m a restless sleeper. I am better at writing these things down than I am following them. In the wee hours of the morning I think about what is projected to come and it frightens me. It’s unnerving to watch how the actions of others we disagree with, destroy our lives too.

So I’ve started praying for whoever comes to mind when my mind won’t settle and sleep won’t return. Whatever name comes to mind, I pray for you/them until I fall back to sleep and it seems to work.

I must remind myself that human thinking and figuring a way out is impossible for me but not for God.

He knows what’s ahead and is charge, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

The Greatest triumph of faith is to be still and know that our “leaders” are not in charge, party politics are not at the helm, it is God who decides what happens..

And yes, some days I have to remind myself over and over of that truth.

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