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Push & Pull (Two Worlds Apart)

Two Worlds, The Great Divide

We really do find ourselves living in two very different worlds.

We won’t let a child under 18 get a tattoo without permission from a parent but will let them decide on permanent body changes in regards to gender and call it “health.”

A person can’t vote until they are 18, but we’ll let them make life altering decisions, that they can’t undo, without a parents approval.

There’s a move in this country and I watched it in Oregon, where murderers death sentences were reduced to life in prison because some think because these killers were juveniles when they committed the crime, their brains weren’t fully capable of making good, sound decisions at such a young age.

YET, we will allow children who’s brains are not fully developed to mutilate their bodies, permanently, at the same age because it falls under the politically correct term of transformation?

Does that make any sense?

Is that consistent?

Research shows disastrous outcomes from such decisions and yet our lawmakers and those pushing such issues, defend their position and create laws we are not allowed to speak out against.

They call us “transphobe” for disagreeing with them which is total BS.

Questioning isn’t a phobia but perhaps fearing questions is?

(Rogophobia: The fear of asking questions.)

I lived in a state (Oregon) that is creating laws, or trying to, that take away a parents rights to such decisions by their children.

I now live in a state (Montana) that is one of the first to say a parent needs to have a say in such decisions until the child is 18.

The media takes it’s wide brush and paints a dark shadow over the states as “right wing” for wanting to still have a say in the lives of children.

I’ve read different statistics and heard many experts speak on this whole issue and the numbers show this issue impacts a small, very small, percentage of people and yet if you listen to the media and ponder the headlines you would think this is more important than the potential for a world war or the devastation of our economy.

We need to make sure folks struggling with their identity get the help they need but if their brains are not fully developed until they hit their early 20’s, in the name of consistency, shouldn’t we give therapy a shot and wait for adulthood for them to make the more permanent decisions?

At the very least stop trying to villainize those who disagree with you. Because guess what, in ten years or less you may find out you were dead wrong.

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1 comentário

Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
03 de mai. de 2023

Obviously this is controversial in adults, let alone in our children. I personally know someone who’s only daughter went through hormone therapy and chest surgery. Before they had a complete transition, they fell in love with a man and wanted to be a woman again! They married and she had a child a few months ago. There’s no going back. She certainly couldn’t breast feed this child. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when she tells that child.

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