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Perspective Check: Time To Revision Life.

Perspective Check

Once in a while we all need a perspective check.

This realty check is usually not something we plan but something that happens and the result can be, most of the “other” cares of the world seem ridiculous.

I got one of those “checks” this week when Kathy walked out of the bedroom and said “Rick I can’t see out of my eye I think I’m going blind.”

What we would later discover is her retina had detached and if not repaired in two weeks she could lose the sight in that eye.

We rushed to Missoula for the surgery and today find out the results.

Inflation, the stock market, gas prices are still a concern but it’s amazing how little they mean when the person you most care for in life is touched by such trauma.

I feel like the whole world is in a trauma, drama right now. Two years of COVID reaction, inflation, uncertainty, recession talk and plenty of stupidity to go around. Lockdowns are whispered about and as the November elections approach there will be more lies to sift through and more b.s. to avoid.

The last three days I feel like Kathy and I have been walking on a new bridge, one that is hidden from the main structure overhead.

We are still on the road in this journey called life but our path is hidden from everything going on overhead.

It’s a fine line between staying involved and relevant and getting sucked into unimportant conversations and situations that really have no resolution or conclusion. As a great line in a very famous book points out: “Don’t throw your pearls to the pigs.”

Maybe it’s time to take a second at look at what we do and how we do it and change?

Perhaps earthquakes like this are designed to shake us awake, readjust our dreams and climb down to the lower bridge and travel with more purpose?

I don’t know and I try not to make quick decisions but it sure is fun to think about.

Oh, one other thing, like most things in life I wonder if the lower bridge is actually the higher road but culture just can’t see it?

Something to think about.

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