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Perhaps We're Getting What We Ask For?

Perhaps America Is Getting What It Asked For?

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For years Christians in this country have prayed that America would find its way.

For decades pastors, lawmakers and people like you and me have asked God to right the wrongs in our country.

What if, just consider for a moment, all the crap going on right now is really an answer to those prayers?

It is unbelievable how blind our culture seems to be to the wrongs depending on which side of the isle they originate from.

The wickedness and lying is so blatant and obvious one would have to be blind not to see it.

Blinding the eyes of wrong is one of the ways God brings about mercy, don’t forget that.

Kathy and I stay pretty connected to current affairs but we don’t watch any traditional news.

In fact, we rarely have the television on.

We scour books, articles, podcasts and some radio but scratch our heads that a large segment of our population continues to feed at the trough of traditional media.

One of the big questions I have right now is How can people fail to see the conflict of interest when our president and his family are taking money from the very countries we are close to going to war with?

I mean, is our culture so ethically challenge, right and wrong no longer have lines dividing them it’s all a matter of what party you are in?

Unfortunately we are One Nation Under God so what culture decides is how we are all judged as a country.

God tells us to live within our means, our nation is in debt and digging a deeper hole each hour.

We have real issues in this world but our national focus is on pronouns, equity and “the change” that science can’t seem to build a strong case for while the rest of the world moves ahead of us on issues of bigger importance.

We are so divided and our leaders continue to drive a wedge between us and we take it.

As I lift up another prayer to the father I have to remind myself, as it gets worse that might actually be the road to better.

Keep your head bowed, your heart pliable and your spirit in tune.

Stand back because I don’t think it’s gonna get any easier.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Oct 17, 2023

"...our president and his family are taking money from the very countries we are close to going to war with..."

AGAIN, there is no proof and even most Republicans admit such.

Just STOP spewing your conspiracy nonsense, Rick!

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
Oct 18, 2023
Replying to

Wayne,'d have to be nieve not to see it. Unbelievable that you still stand up for this guy and corput family. It's the same thing you accuse those who side with Trump of doing but it's okay when you do it? Huh?


We have no one to blame but ourselves. This has been happening for generations. The indoctrination of our youth has been going on for decades. We have allowed all this to happen through apathy. We have turned a blind eye living with our heads in the sand. you are right, it is not going to get easier. The current events taking place are only going to increase in intensity perpetuated by this administration who like others capitulate to our enemies by choice not by chance. We have no leadership, we are a rudderless ship, that is unless it is being steered on the desired course of action by those who are supposed to defend us, rather they are betray…

Replying to

Turn your back on God, and this is the mess you get. Folks are doing, "what is right in their own eyes". - M

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