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People Love Facts...Until They Don't

People Love Facts Until They Don’t (not used)

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People love facts until they don’t.

When those facts expose their lies and manipulation all of the sudden those facts change or get tweaked to fit the “so-called fact checkers” point of view.

People are done with the bullshit.

Most people are “live and let live type of people.”

They may not agree with your choices or what we used to call “lifestyle” but figure, who cares it’s your life.

The last few years the activist types have turned their choices into ours, or tried to.

It’s not good enough to live and let live we have to accept and celebrate and many of us just aren’t willing to bend that far.

When you don’t sway their way, demonization is their only method of operation.

In the early days that worked.

They got people fired, canceled and thrown out of the cultural halls of justice simply for disagreeing.

Now the tide is turning.

People can only take so much before they fight back and the fight is on.

In a great story called “You are special” the little toys in the village hand out stars and circle stickers to those who tow the cultural lines.

What the cultural monitors didn’t expect was one villager who stopped caring about what the villagers thought and only took her cues from the Toymaker.

The result? The stickers stopped sticking.

That’s right, the stickers (bad things people say about you) only stick if you allow them to matter.

This is good news for all of us, well, all of us who want to live in a free society (sticker less).

For the hall monitors it’s the end of their era.

Oh, don’t expect them to let up but remember, the stickers only stick if you let them.

Sooner or later, the monitors relevance slips off into the outhouse of public opinion.

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