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People Can't Give Up Or Give In

People Can’t Give Up!

I’m watching this reel on social media this morning and it dawns on me “so many people are simply giving up.”

It’s this little kid talking about how you, or me, can do anything or be whatever we want to be.

Growing up my parents were good about teaching us we could be or do anything we wanted to do.

Back then it took a college education.

But more than that it took believing in yourself.

The past two years have shown us what’s important and that doing things the logical way, may not be the right way for everyone.

We’ve seen how culture seems to want to devalue hard work and belief is oneself and ones ability to push through when others give up.

You don’t need a college degree to make a good living these days in fact the pandemic showed us what jobs are truly important and many on the “deans list” didn’t make the cut.

In some ways people today have more opportunity than those in the past.

Culture wants us to believe we are hopeless. It pushes the narrative of despair and that everyone else in the past had it better than people have it today. But what the cultural manipulators forget, or fail to understand is the value of pushing on and pushing negative BS away.

Yes it’s hard. Yes the cost of living is ridiculous and the mistakes of our leaders and mishandling of the pandemic puts all of us in a tough position but hopeless: Hell no.

Jordan Peterson preaches responsibility. You can live in the story someone else writes for you or you can get out your magic marker, scribble out what you’ve been told and start writing your own narrative.

You can give up and give in or you can surround yourself with people who believe in Better.

Turn off the noise, give culture the middle finger, get off your ass and go write a story you can be proud of.

It starts with you.

It starts with hope.

It starts right now.

Oh and remember excuses are like A—Holes, everyones got one.

No more excuses.

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