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Past Time To Question

It’s High Time We Ask The Difficult Questions

We’re all mature adults.

We can have a conversation without belittling each other right?

Let’s find out.

It’s time to ask the hard questions we should have been allowed to ask two years ago.

For sake of clarity I’m going to call those who believe the covid vaccine is safe and that people “should” take it….Pro Vax.

Those who question it’s safety but believe it should be your personal right to take it or NOT, we’ll call “Pro-Choice.”

  1. Research shows a 30% increase in deaths do to heart issues in people ages 24 to 44.


Without giving your assumptions as to why this is happening let’s ask this question:

Could it have anything to do with the vaccine?

How many of those deaths were in people who had the vaccine?

Are medical experts asking that question or listening to Dr “F” when he says we should not be asking such questions?

  1. How many people died with COVID and how many died from COVID?

  2. Why weren’t those cases separated?

  3. Should hospitals that billed the feds for both have to pay the money back for those cases that did not die from COVID but only with it?

  4. What sort of liability should the media and political leaders have for the damage done by not allowing alternate information to be released about COVID. Information that now calls into question the way the Pandemic was handled. Some of that alternative information, once labeled “Fake News” turns out to be true.

  5. Why has it taken this long for us to even be allowed to ask such questions? (however I’m not posting this to social media directly for fear of retaliation.)

Some will respond with things like: The pandemic is over what good does it do to rehash this we have bigger problems in the world? To that I say if we do not figure out what and how this happened, history says, we will do it again. I see that as deflection and people who are afraid to find out they actually are on the wrong end of history.

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