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Our Harmony Has Gone Sour.

Without Tension We Go Flat: Welcome To America

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I believe American’s are goi

ng tone deaf.

We are supposed to be at tension between right and left.

Problem is both sides hear only one sound and believe they can create a melody without that tension.

It’s like a stringed instrument.

Without tension, there is no melody, no harmony, just flat, obnoxious noise.

We need right thinkers and left thinkers but somewhere in the creation of this beautiful sound from tension people got power-hungry and started thinking tension was bad.

They got the notion they were right and everyone else is wrong.

In the process we’ve grown tone deaf and flat.

Don’t get me wrong I know there is tension but it’s not a good tension but a tyrannical tension that causes hissing and squeaky notes.

We have folks trying to create music who know nothing about harmony and could care less how the score sounds they just want it to tickle their ears and that’s all they hear.

We have people out here who think they can do it alone.

Before one picks up a guitar, a violin or any other stringed instrument, he or she must make sure it’s in tune before they try to play it.

Perhaps we need to go back to the basics and relearn perfect pitch.

We need to remind ourselves what working together sounds like.

We need a refresher on how community works.

I wonder that God is not done with listening to our bad performance.

As the master conductor He holds up his wand, says STOP, put down your instruments, lets get back on the same page.

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1 Comment

I sure agree about needing to listen to others with differing views-and being respectful.

I recommend a group called Braver Angels. Their goal is to encourage and facilitate listening and respectful conversation among people of differing ideas. I find their email newsletters interesting and inspiring of hope.


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