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Oregon: A State Of Confusion

Oregon: The State Of Confusion

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Oregon it just doesn’t stop with you does it.

Your people pass ballot measure 110 which basically legalized hard drugs.

The idea sounded so good, but made no sense.

Guess what won, the feeling.

Then you pass measure 114, creating harder guidelines to purchase guns.

It sounded so good to those who believe an inanimate object kills when in fact it’s people who are the problem.

Again, to them it sounded so good, but if you think big picture, it makes no sense.

Guess what? The feeling won.

Now, Oregon your streets are overrun with homeless people, criminals, deadbeats.

So one of your leaders comes up with a proposed piece of legislation that gives homeless people each 1k a month with no strings attached and no requirements…for a full year.

To those who believe they wear their hearts on their sleeve, this feels so good.

But to those who use the organ in the head, designed to help the heart make good decisions, this is crazy.

They fail to understand giving away money will only more of the problem they already have, once again feelings over common sense.

Back in the day Oregonians were independent thinkers. They didn’t have to agree but balanced feelings and common sense to make decisions.

When the pioneers came to this land they were looking for a better life and knew hard work and sacrifice would be needed to make it work.

Something has changed Oregon.

But I believe you’ve turned a corner.

Foolishness and folly can only get you so far.

At some point people wake up when they discover their hard earned dollars are paying for “feel good policies” and no one is getting better.

I see people who never would have thought about running for office, running for office.

People who once tried to ignore what was happening no realize you can’t ignore it, because foolishness is a cancer slowly eating away at everything good and attracting more of the bad.

Oregon is about to pivot from honoring weird to doing what’s right.

Feelings are great but you can’t base legislation on feel goods or doing what tickles the ears.

Being a leader means going against the grain and setting a standard for everyone not just the chosen few.

I’m excited to watch as people rise up and take back the spirit of Oregon.

Yes, it will take some time but rock bottom is a good place to begin and I think you are there.

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