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Okay, So I Missed The Mark...Fire Again

To Worry Gets Us Nowhere

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I woke up last night and struggled to fall back to sleep.

The failures of my life kept nagging at me.

Jordan Peterson defines “sin” in a way I’ve never heard in all my years growing up in the church.

To “Sin” is simply to miss the mark.

When I’m shooting at the little varmints in my field behind my house, if I fire once and miss I don’t put the rifle down, hang my head and give up.

I quickly reload, determine what I did wrong the first time, and fire again.

If I miss again, I check the crosshairs on my scope, breathe in, and do it all over again.

So why is it when I “miss the mark” in other aspects of my life I tend to sink into a state of despair?

Life is pretty hard for all of us right now. There’s plenty to be insecure about with the world on the brink of war and our economy failing. The future does not look all that bright and if you allow circumstances you can see, to guide you, you are in big trouble.

I read in my “Streams In The Desert” devotional this morning that I am to bring all of my troubles to the master.

When I “miss the mark”, as I often do, I must refuse to listen to the noise around me or the noise in my head and instead, reload, take aim and fire again.

I forget that God uses anything He wants as opportunities.

He reminds me over and over that worry is also “missing the mark.”

In fact, I am told if I fret, I bring on more evil.

I sometimes wonder how much of my life I’ve wasted worrying about things I can do nothing about.

Even worse, what if the things I worry about, actually are opportunities and to worry makes things worse and causes me to miss the lesson?

How much it must pain God to see us trust in our own understanding when the truth is right there on the written page and the escape plan easily followed.

It is a new day.

There are new adventures to be had and for goodness sake a life to be lived.

We get just so many days, hours, minutes and seconds on this planet.

Why waste them in the land of worry when we could be living under His wing of comfort and protection….and most of all His love and acceptance.

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I suppose you never heard in church Jordan Peterson's definition of sin is it is not Biblical. It seems to me he has given a secular definition. To miss the mark is not a Biblical definition. This space is too small to recount all the Biblical stories, old and new testament, and definitions of sin, but for me it shows again that Peterson is glib when he tries to be serious.

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