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Oh How We Miss Road Bikes & Fresh Fish

Best Fish In Bandon

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We couldn’t visit the Oregon Coast without seafood. Oh how we miss good seafood in Montana.

We decided, well actually Kathy decided we were going on a bike ride from Coos Bay, over the backroads and south to Bandon, Oregon.

Bandon is a cool little coastal village that reminds you of something you might find in Maine, minus fresh lobster.

She told me it was a 50 mile ride….or so. I would have paid more attention to the “or so.”

Turned out to be 61 miles on the nose.

The rash on my backside is proof but I’ll spare you the photos.

It was a beautiful ride along some fairly sketchy roads. Drivers just don’t understand how to pass a cyclist and often do it very dangerously, but that’s for another time.

We rode over Libby to Charleston, over Seven Devils road, along highway 101 for just a few miles and into Bandon.

We grabbed some food at Toney’s Crab Shack. This is a MUST STOP when you go to Bandon.

We had fresh cod sandwiches and they were perfect.

Simple bun, fresh tomatoes, mayo and greens.

The fish was NOT deep fried. It was moist and meaty.

I’m hungry just thinking about it.

And it comes with homemade coleslaw, I love coleslaw.

We grabbed a few pictures of Bandon and headed back, this time 11 miles along 101 (not great but better than going up the hills on the backroads again).

When it was all over we’d ridden for 5 hours, 3700 plus feet of elevation and I burned off 3300 plus calories.

Tonight Pizza at this cool place on the waterfront but I’ll tell you more about that later.

Oregon you do try to temp us with your beauty and we do miss some things about you. You will always be our first love but we aren’t coming back.

To visit, you bet we’ll come as travelers but Montana is home now.

I do wish we could find Cod in Montana….good Cod. LOL

Oh, and the people here are as nice as ever, especially when you get to the tiny towns and away from the urban world.

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1 Comment

Nice reminder Rick! September on the Oregon coast is always awesome.

While Pacific City is where I spent the majority of my time when fishing as a teenager, the Southern Oregon Coast will always be my favorite along the coast, especially the smaller towns.

PC, unfortunately, was too close to the Portland area and has been transformed and lost a lot of what made it special. The remoteness of the South has minimized the overdevelopment a bit.

I was lucky enough to have a free day in March to get to Newport and walk the docks talking with the crab fishermen. These guys were the real deal, hard working/hard living proud Oregonians who, I swear were there in the ‘70’…

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