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Oh, He Has Is Eye On Them

There’s Something To This Being Still

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“I will be still, and I will behold in my dwelling place.” (Isaiah: 18:4)

God can be pretty darn still, too still for this human.

I read this in my “Streams in the Desert” devotional this morning.

“God’s stillness is not acquiescence. His stillness is not consent.”

That is so important to hold onto right now.

As many of you know I produce video podcasts online.

In the beginning, some 10 years ago, Facebook was my main distribution line and live was the way we did things.

Over the years all social media, but especially Facebook, has turned into censoring robots with no personal connection to businesses like mine who use it to distribute material.

Last Fall, I posted a picture of the Biden Brat in swimming trunks hanging from a bunch of balloons. Facebook quickly slapped me and refused to let me do live for 59 days.

In February they did it again, but this time It was not me who posted the picture. I don’t know if someone hacked my page, I doubt it, or if their A.I. has a glitch and pulled it up again. (or does it on purpose)

We used to pay Facebook to push out our content but learned we didn’t need them to.

We stopped.

Yeh, our own personal boycott (like bud light) of the censorship machine and it paid off.

They started throttling my content.

At the same time our numbers rose on ALL of our other platforms especially our website.

We learned, while we still use and need FB, not as much as we thought.

Yesterday Facebook did it again.

Slapped me for the same picture and I did not, nor would I, post it again.

To my more liberal audience who still doesn’t believe “fairness” is an issue with social media, you are damn wrong.

You are not making educated decisions because your education is one-sided and it’s because of this kind of crap that it’s happening…period. End of that story.

For me it simply means for the next 58 days I can’t use the live feature and I’ve already learned my way around it. Our content will still be available as always, just not live on FB.

Most of our views come after the live broadcast so it simply means a little more work for this guy.

What is the lesson here?

Back to my devotional: “As we look out on the evil of the world; as we think of the apparent success of wrong-doing; as we wince beneath the oppression of those that hate us, let us remember these marvelous words about God being still and beholding.”

Perhaps it’s time to stop worrying and instead it’s time to Be Still And Know That He is God.

He’s still right now, but He is watching.

See you online.


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