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Nudges From God

Little Nudges From God

It’s hard for me to look beyond the ridiculous sometimes.

Right now, in the world we live in, there is plenty of ridiculous to go around.

Being back in Oregon is odd.

It looks different after being away for six months.

I love this place but it’s clear Kathy and I are called to be somewhere else.

We were talking with strangers on the deck of the Pelican Pub last night.

The sun was dipping into the ocean and the beer making conversation easy.

The last two years have been life changing for many of us.

For decades truth and fiction have been intertwined culturally so that a clear line between these differences is almost unnoticeable to the naked eye and the unsuspecting. The lack of discernment is disturbing but discernment isn’t found in culture its given by God.

Blindness is often part of His plan, the part we forget and focus on too much.

Right and wrong no longer seem to matter it’s win or win and how you get there doesn’t matter as long as you do.

As we talked with our “Strangers” none of the usual headlines made the list of conversation.

Instead we talked about friendships, funny stories and hopes for the future.

We talked a lot about Oregon and it’s beauty.

When “cultural thought” tried to make its way into the conversation eyes rolled, hands went up and subjects were changed.

We can never stop fighting for our freedom and ability to say what we want when we want.

But perhaps in-between we should remember the fishing trip with good friends, the one that got away oh, and the sunrises and sunsets.

The moments in life when we know God is in charge and liars will not get away with their folly forever, is when God nudges us with little reminders.

At the Sporty Tavern the other night, this young man walks up to Kathy and me and says “Aren’t you Jakob Dancers parents?” This man was the videographer at Jakes wedding just a few days prior. He’s a guy that impressed our son a lot because his video work pays to help people in his ministry.

A nudge from God.

Then there is the story of the little girl who thought I was a pirate (in the video above). Another nudge from God.

The world is a harsh and bitter place right now and it’s probably going to get worse as November rolls around.

We should pay attention to our surroundings, vote to make things better, never be silent but spend more time waiting for the little nudges from God.

While humans are given the freedom to screw things up He is aware, watching and when the time is right will give the ultimate nudge to those unwilling to listen.

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