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No Trespassing: Means More Than I thought.

No Trespassing: Means More Than I Thought.

Do you ever get those mind blows where you can’t believe you didn’t see it before?

Yeh, I had one last night and the reason I know it’s the right thing is the amount of peace I feel today understanding this hidden nuance from God.

I explain in the video how one line out of “The Lord’s Prayer” turned my world upside down.

Forgiveness is an interesting dynamic.

But the lack of it is almost like a brick wall that separates us from God’s blessings.

It’s like He’s standing there with this big basket of good stuff He wants to dump on you, but designed a world in which forgiveness is the doorway to those blessings.

Anyway, it’s pretty amazing.

Watch the video and let me know what you think.


No preaching please, just thoughts.

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Unforgiveness is the greatest and most terrible prison one can experience, because he/she places him/herself in it. The only way out is to forgive.


Well said and heard. Thank you!

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