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No Time To Back Down

Not The Time To Backdown From Fear

Two summers ago, Kathy and I got to go “Free Diving” with a van company near Big Sur California.

It was scary.

Neither of us had done anything like it before.

But we were prepared, with experts to help us and when fear tried to keep us from jumping into the crashing waves, we pushed forward.

That experience helped prepare us for what was to come.

It is tempting to recoil when critics and thugs come knocking at your door.

In all my years in the public eye I have never experienced the hate and anger of a disagreeing group, like i’m experiencing right now.

To disagree is healthy and it’s part of life.

So when someone or a group of someones pulls out all the plugs to try to silence those who see a different narrative, one has to wonder “what are they so afraid of?”

It’s hard to relate. I don’t see someone disagreeing with me as something I need to shutdown. I’ll debate and argue, well, I used to. But their opinion is not going to rock my world or bring on social unrest.

I read a line out of Acts this morning (Acts 20:24) “None of these things move me.”

We need to be a people who are steadfast in their beliefs and open to listening up to a point. What do I mean by up to a point?”

I sometimes to impromptu lives on various media. It keeps me on my feet and sharpens my skills. If you want to get good at this stuff “Live” teaches you quickly.

A troll with no posts or background came on the broadcast and started poking at me. At first I poked back but finally called the person out and fought back by ignoring him. He got even angrier, meaner and more toxic.

Eventually the audience started calling him out and he went away.

Behind the scenes there is a spiritual attack in this country/world you and I can’t see. For decades, but especially the past three years or so, good and evil have been scratching at each other.

Many ducked their heads and hoped it would pass but it didn’t pass did it?

Now, in order to shine light on the darkness, more are asking questions and not just asking but demanding answers.

We see inconsistencies in a world crying for equity!

They don’t want equal they want power and special treatment…like a middle schooler they want their way and to them everyone else is wrong and needs to be stopped…No MORE.

Well that’s not gonna happen because truth is too powerful and can be hidden for only so long.

We must expect a battle as good begins to overshadow evil.

People don’t want to admit they’ve been fooled and it’s not our job to rub it in but it’s also not our calling to let evil slide.

The more I speak out the more I discover we’re not alone. A lot of people are starting to ask good questions.

Now is not the time to backdown but to step in a little closer.

Hang onto the hem of the Father’s robe and ask away.

Oh and do NOT be moved.

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Your comment to "move in closer" is on point: not just move in closer in the fight, but move in closer to Jesus. We fight a war that is spiritual, so we need to be armed properly, and be following the lead of our Commander, the Lord Christ Jesus. His directives (all of them) are how we are to fight. And we must indeed get hold of the Father's robe...not just touch His hem, but grab on tight. Don't let go of the power HE gives....fresh and refresh daily in His Word.


The Lord said to build on the rock not on the shifting sand. Not easy to build on the rock, but it stands the test of time. - M.

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