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No Time For Despondency

Do Not Be Despondent

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There is a battle in this country that I believe is going to get very, very ugly.

It’ s a battle for the very soul of our nation, our freedom and our way of life.

Some of you seethe jury conviction of President Donald Trump as restoration of democracy in this country.

If you do your homework you will find you are very wrong.

You don’t like Trump, I get it, but your hate has blinded your sense of right and wrong.

Some of you will disagree and that is your right, or at least it is right now.

But in the future, what happened to the president could happen to you and me.

The door is open and closing it will not be easy.

Even experts on the left agree, this case should have never been tried as a felony but many haven’t paid enough attention to the details to understand why.

Some of you hate Trump so much you are blinded to what is really going on here.

The gloves are off.

There are two ideologies in the ring and only one will come out successful.

There is no room for apathy and when that jury gave its verdict a sleeping giant was awakened.

Many political pundits on the left and right predict this may be one of the biggest mistakes the left has made so far.

Most people are too busy to pay attention to the political world.

Rather than confront the lying and manipulation on both sides of the isle, they tune it out.

According to polls people on the left, right and in the middle, see how bitter the Trump haters have become and are feeling sorry for the guy. You did this to yourself. You are pushing your monster into the presidency.

Trump is no angel but neither is candidate B.

And yet, in this country, what you believe is treated differently by the so-called justice system.

In eight hours following the jury verdict the Trump campaign says it raised more than 35 million dollars.

50% of those donors are said to have never donated to his campaign before.

You did that. You helped Trump fill his war chest.

Far left, you are creating a martyr in Trump and your hate of one man could just push him into the White House.

If Trump is elected, your tactics are to blame and I personally find that hilarious and sad at the same time.

So I read something this morning that calmed my frustration. “Give no place to despondency. Melancholy contracts and withers the head and renders it unfit to receive the impressions of grace.”

Over the next few months we need to fight hard for our nations soul. I don’t mean fight for a party or some platform. I mean fight for freedom, demand that our justice system operate justly for all ideologies, and do it as if our lives depend on it because they do.

If you are the sort that doesn’t like conflict, tough shit, our apathy is what got us here and excuses are like you know what, everyone has one and they have a job which is to get rid of the ….you know what.

Despondency: we’ve got no time for such luxury. It’s time to put on our armor, speak up, keep speaking and get to work.

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Jun 03

Mr. Gilbert, Please google any of the info that i provided and tell me what I said was wrong. Google Tara Reade who was sexually assaulted by Biden in the Capitol in 1993. Biden denied it and no one investigated it. Ashley Biden wrote in her diary that her father inappropriately took showers with her and although the liberals claimed that it was a lie, she wrote to a judge earlier this year that the diary was really hers. You never heard that Biden claimed that his Uncle "Bosey" was shot down over New Guinea during WW2 and eaten by cannibals? Google it and you will find that his uncle's plane had engine trouble and crashed in the Pacifi…

Jun 07
Replying to

Mr. Gilbert, I noticed that you never commented on the accusations by Ashley Biden about the inappropriate showers with her father. Could it be the fact that she admitted to a judge that the diary was hers which would make her accusation concerning?? I noticed that you never commented about the bizarre comments that Biden has made that were total lies. Also, now we know that the Hunter laptop was not a Russian disinformation plot but was very real and that the letter from the 51 "experts" was actually written by the Biden campaign to "sway the election". (That info came from sworn testimony to Congress by one of the signers.) Therefore, Biden told a boldfaced lie during the d…


Jun 02

I find it sad that people will criticize Trump for bad behavior but will support Biden who clearly is not "perfect". He was accused of sexually assaulting Tara Reid in the Capitol building and yet the "me too movement" was silent. He inappropriately showered with his daughter and again, his supporters have not condemned that behavior. He is a habitual liar with whoppers such as his uncle was eaten by cannibals during WW2 or that he was offered a scholarship to the Naval Academy to play football or that he was arrested for protesting racial injustice. The Washington Post regularly gives him "pinnochios" for his dishonesty. Biden claims to be a "Christian" and yet Christians are supposed to be …

Replying to

Comparing Biden's to trump's ethics is ludicrous. Stating such untruths as fact is even worse. None of your accusations are true.

Tara Reade's accusations were 100% debunked. She kept changing her stories, then defected to Russia when her attempted defamation of Biden failed.


I am not surprised anymore, Rick, that you defend Trump. He is not a man of God nor a Christian. The immorality of his words and deeds is manifest. He promises retribution against his enemies-directly opposed to what Jesus teaches.

Christ teaches we should hate the immoral. DJT has admitted immorality in his personal life.

I do not "get" why many Christians support this ungodly man.

Replying to

Agreed. In boggles my mind how any decent person can support this vile, dishonest, lump of garbage called trump. Today, on MSNBC, Bob Woodward said that anyone that has shown support of trump won't admit it in ten years...


CITIZEN Trump broke the law when he falsified his business records . Do you remember Leona Helmsley? She spent time in prison for committing the same crime as Mr Trump, Why is he above that law but not her? Many people are behind bars for the same crime. Mr Trump was confused when he thought winning a 4 year term would excuse him from his illegal business acts, that caught up with him. Had you or I committed the same crime we would be behind those same bars, only with a lot less freedom. It is sad to see his followers ignoring the fact that he has always been a criminal. he just got caught. Folks from New York know…

Replying to

SO true, Cindi.

"Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time."

If trump and Republicans would just go back to the norms that made this country so great (i.e. peaceful transfer of power, civility, decency, the Rule of Law, committing to truth), we would not be having these abhorrent issues.

Trump was tried and convicted (34 times!) by a 12 person jury of his peers. But our Mr. Dancer dances 🕺 around this and countless other facts.

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