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Nice Job Eugene, Dig In

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Nice Job Eugene

For decades I’ve watched as the Eugene City Council railroaded some less than well thought out idea before the people of Eugene.

When I heard the council voted, like Berkley, to begin the process of banning the use of Natural Gas, I rolled my eyes and said out loud, here they go again.

(Eugene is also a nuclear free zone…yes, Eugene is against the most environmentally safe form of energy production because leaders follow instead of read for themselves.)

I digress:

Then I heard the “thinking people” of Eugene had risen up. They had hired consultants and were ready to fight this latest move.

Now it appears, as KPNW Newsman Bill Lundun tells us the council backed down, for now.

You folks rose up and said no more. But they will be back.

History says so.

What the regressive crowd still fails to understand is your message is falling flat on a growing number of people.

You pushed so hard, so far and for too long on the pandemic fiasco and in your arrogance, while you “woke up”, so did the rest of us…..but in a different way.

Despite what some of you think I do love Oregon but can’t live inside her dysfunctional boundaries.

Legislative stupidity has taken hold in Salem (and Eugene and Portland) and when I looked at my 64 years behind me realize I don’t have enough time in my life to spend trying to change it.

While Eugene CITIZENS have won this battle the war is still on.

Now, as Lundun explain is the second video, the state is close to passing a bill that would cost the average family 4k a year to pay for other people’s insurance.

And then there’s also Portlands attempt at woke language that discourages the use of terms like citizen and breast feeding and pushes the use of capitalizing the B on Black but not the W on white.

People in other parts of the country hear and read this sort of thing, shake their heads and wonder WTF?

But in Oregon it’s the non-reality, reality.

I cannot tell you how freeing it is to know that Kathy and I don’t have to pay for stupidity any long.

We can hear this stuff and know we are not forced to live in ignorance.

But I do, from afar, see small steps like the un-natural natural gas decision and have great hope for you all.

Nice job standing up for yourselves and the great state struggling to make a comeback.

Dig in and go get em.

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Jul 14, 2023

Here’s an idea. Let Elon take over and he can do to Eugene what he is doing to Twitter. After it is run in to the ground, everyone will leave. Another success story from the smartest guy in the room.


Jul 14, 2023

The move by the city council had nothing to do with the will of the voters but rather a 9th Circuit Court ruling against the City of Berkeley. And, if you recall, the citizens voted 3-1 twice to approve the cross town freeway and the city council told us to go pack sand and cancelled it. They will do the same thing even if the citizens vote against the gas ban. The dictatorship never ends!!

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