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Newest Gems in Montana

Lunch At The Hardware Cafe?

One of the fun things about being in a new place is trying all the food spots.

As many of you know Kathy and I used to do a travel series for Toyota.

Before that we traveled Oregon with our family shooting remote get away spots for KEZI TV.

Now we do it for our business and ourselves.

Kathy found “The Hardware Cafe” in Montana City, just a few miles from Helena.

On the outside it doesn’t look like much.

We thought twice about going in but saw pictures online and it looked cool.

Walked in the door and were pleasantly surprised.

Right as you walk in there’s a coffee roaster.

Yep, they roast all their coffee right there.

The menu is filled with amazing breakfast and lunch items.

By the time we got there they were sold out of their famous cinnamon rolls.

I had a chicken wrap and homemade beef barley soup.

It was excellent.

Kathy had a salad and it was good but not over the top.

Now, in all fairness our superb waitress tried to steer Kathy in a different direction.

Next time you’ll listen. LOL

We’re just not big fans of Iceberg Lettuce.

Kathy was so impressed by the place she still wants to put it on our regular stop list.

The staff were over the top great.

All of them.

Story goes this was once a hardware store. The owner started roasting coffee for his patrons, then food and, we’ll you see what happened.

New owners took over about a year ago.

We HIGHLY recommend you try it.

You won’t be sorry.

Wow, this is the second great find in Montana City…..two for four. Two more places to try in that town.

Then we went downtown to try a new coffee shop.

The General Mercantile is right downtown and very funky.

It reminds us a lot of some of the more eclectic places in Oregon.

Lots of more left leaning propaganda in the place but hey we lived in Eugene, this is nothing.

You know, a little hippy, a little fringe and a little of everything.

We asked the young woman at the counter where they get their coffee and she said Hillsboro Oregon.

WHAT, I was born there.

Kathy and I met there.

We were married in Hillsboro.

So we tried it and it was very good.

They even have a tree house in the store for 10 and under only.

When we stepped outside the snow was falling.

Couldn’t resist a picture with the catholic church in the background.

They call Helena “Montana’s Queen City”.

The more we explore the more of her hidden jewels we seem to find.

Until next time here’s a few funny glasses some of you might enjoy and others may choose to be offended.

We laughed out loud.

Talk with you tomorrow.

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Oct 24, 2022

When we delivered n Helena, we would stop at Shelly's east. It's at the Conoco next to the Hampton Inn as you are heading into Helena. Was a treat for us. The finger steaks are awesome. It's just a small simple Cafe.


We ate there on our visit before we moved here. We LOVED it as well. 😁

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