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New Year, New Start...New Vision?

A New Year, A New Start

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As I’ve said before I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of guy.

That said, I do feel like, 2023, while predicted to be grim, could be a new start for a lot of us.

Some of you think I dwell too much on the pandemic and the state of our country but to me, this dark period has been horrible and revealed the weakness in our culture and fickleness of society as a whole.

Culturally we are ridiculous and flakey and for those who seek truth, the lie we are caught up in is not ignorable.

We’re in Southern California where I expected people to be more stuck in the aftermath of COVID, but they aren’t, not at all.

We went to an Asian restaurant with our new in-laws last night and the place was filled with happy, smiling people who are culturally connected.

They are a community and relationship seems stronger than toeing the line.

As we were leaving the restaurant we asked a couple with twin boys to take a picture of our new family. The boys were hugging me and so excited to have this stranger kidding around with them. I can’t explain what a huge deal it was to just be human.

It gives me hope to be in a place I thought would be more stuck in the aftermath of COVID than it is.

I do think some tough times are ahead with the economy. I don’t think 2023 is going to be a cake-walk but I do think if people are willing to move on and seek relationships first and their ideology last, there is hope.

The world is a big place and sometimes where we live can lock us down more than a lockdown. To be stuck is a choice and Kathy and I used 2022 to unstick and what we’ve discovered is much of the world is moving on and so are we.

My wish for you this New Year is that you find the boldness to be brave. I pray you find a light in those dark places and when the world screams no you have the guts to scream back a big, giant HELL NO.

Happy New Year……It can be if you chose to make it that way.

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7 comentários

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
03 de jan. de 2023

You bash the Covid vaccine and wearing masks, but you never mention the FACT that doing such prevented Covid from spreading and killing more than it did. I am giving cudos to you're fairless leader trump for fast tracking the vaccine (I really can't think of anything else he deserves kudos for).

Respondendo a

I rest my case.


A large part of how life unfolds for us, is our state of mind. I've been thrown no fewer than three ongoing, medical curve balls over the past two years. I don't like it but I don't dwell on them either. I do what I can and leave it at that. It's rare for me to have a "bad" day but that's mostly because I choose not to. Just think of what kind of world we could live in if we all woke up each morning and told ourselves, "This is going to be a damn good day.".


Happy New Year my friend! I pray that the love, peace and joy of knowing our Lord fills your soul each day. - M

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