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My Own Worst Enemy

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God Has A Plan

We all have this voice inside that speaks to us.

At least I hope we do or I’m in big trouble.

Mine usually tries to undo the good plans that God has established in my life.

I’m learning, slowly, to keep that voice inline.

To manage the thoughts that come in and out of my head.

It’s like a dream I take too seriously.

It’s just a dream and what it says to me doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

What if there is another dimension to this life?

You know, a spiritual realm where behind the scenes, good and evil forces work to guide you.

If I truly believe God has a plan, a plan of peace, hope and prosperity for my life, why do I worry?

Why do a jump to the worst possible outcome when God is my co-producer and has already read the script.

My prayer for you and for me is that we would learn to accept the love of our creator.

That we’d find our story in His.

That we’d edit when things go wrong.

And learn to be at peace in the disconserting circumstances.

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1 Comment

Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Aug 15, 2023


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