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My Inner Artist

My Inner Artist

Sponsor: CrisDental Family Dentistry & Denture Center/EUGENE

Museums never used to do much for me.

On our trip to SoCa I discovered my inner artist.

As we strolled through rooms filled with famous artifacts I wonder if this place is a collection of clues to help unfold the mysteries of life.

In the past realism was my preferred type of art.

Not anymore.

I liked something that was easy to define and documented accurately the past.

I still find great value in such storytelling but my taste for manageable changed.

I find myself drawn to more modern art, art that directs less and leaves open the interpretation.

I get sucked into chaos and lack of structure and it excites me.

Art, like music, is a universal language.

No wonder young people are frustrated.

We teach them what to think not how to think.

That’s not education but indoctrination.

I feel like art should be mandatory in school.

My class schedule would include art appreciation, critical thinking, music and writing.

I feel like something beautiful is being berthed in me.

A new way of seeing the world, not as I’m told or was taught, but like undefined art, deciding for myself what it means.

I wonder that 2023 might be hidden with new works of art as we each get to explore for ourselves a secret language to the truth.

It’s like clues to a secret place only you and your creator need know about.

One of the aspects of my faith I love is God is a storyteller and uses His and our artistic sides to hide the truth while blinding culture.

He wants us discover the beauty of this place for ourselves.

Maybe 2023 is like a fresh canvas where we use the good, bad and even the dysfunctional to write our story.

Here’s the best part.

Each of us bring with us our own way.

Some will use brushes others strings or wind to find clues but as for me I will use words to unwrap the mysteries of my life.

Image the world if all of us paid more attention to our artistic side and learned to appreciate our differences.

If we stopped concerning ourselves with what those around us bring to art class and instead write the story of our lives.

It’s tempting isn’t it?

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