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Mortgage Rates & Inflation Up...and more news.

Mortgage Rates, Interest Rates up….That and more news.

Sponsor: CrisDental Family Dentistry

Mortgage and interest rates are up…the fire on Maui leaves 36 dead and a famous town in rubble.

The ridiculous decisions made by Oregon’s last governor continue to haunt the state.

And the left-side of the legislature is spending your tax dollars on capital renovations with little to no public debate.

That and more on this newscast from veteran newsman Bill Lundun.

Sponsored by CrisDental Family Dentistry.

Looking for news that’s actually news?

Here you go.

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Aug 10, 2023

Here’s some good news for Oregon residents-the inflation rate is lower than the national average. Bad news for Montana residents-the inflation rate is higher than the national average. National averages aren’t as important as local.

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Aug 11, 2023
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