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Maybe We All Need Therapy

Maybe We All Need Therapy

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A man showed up on a Tiktok live show I produced last night and instead of talking about my hair, my beard or any of that he had a serious question about his marriage.

I’m not the perfect husband nor am I even close but this guy is/was desperate, desperate enough to ask a total stranger for help. So he and I talked for a long time, publicly about things he might want to do.

How many people in the world are alone. Oh, they may have people in the same house but if you were to ask them, would tell you they are lonely and have no one to really talk with.

Perhaps our lives are too busy for friends, for people, for relationships. Maybe we’re afraid to allow people into our lives because they may discover we aren’t as cool as we want them to think we are.

I don’t know about you, but when someone opens up with something deep, complex or just damn hard, I respect that person so much.

Yet, it takes tragedy or near tragedy to get many of us to that place of openness.

I believe God created us for close relationships. He didn’t intend us to hide behind images, brands or promotions.

I spent most of my life in the public eye as a television news anchor.

Living like that you learn to shutdown part of your personality for safety purposes.

People love to find out little tidbits and imperfections about you so they can tell their friends and the next cocktail party.

It makes them feel important. It doesn’t take many times getting burned to shut you up or at least teach you to filter what you let out.

Living in a new area, far from my old life is a great revealer. Back in Oregon I didn’t have to meet people they met me. Most people recognized me so it was usually them starting the conversation. Here in Montana it’s all on me and it’s been rough at times. It’s a little lonely for both me and my wife (thank God we have each other) to find friends here.

It’s starting to happen but it’s been a long lonely year and a half on our own.

Being alone helps me find me. I can’t rely on fame to tell me who I am. Fame doesn’t really tell the truth either. Finding authentic relationships is more important than ever.

Listen, we all need therapy of one kind or another. For me it comes when someone walks into my life who is open enough to talk about the tough stuff not the stuff they want me to hear.

Why do I tell you this? I don’t know it’s all part of the adventure.

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I will talk to anyone about anything; however, I do not have friends, I have acquaintances. I have learned the only people I can trust are God, my wife and myself. I have learned most people have an agenda or are out for themselves in some manner. I may be cynical; however, people have shown me they cannot be trusted. I once told my attorney I trust people until they show me, they cannot be trusted, his reply was, by the time you find out they cannot be trusted they have already screwed you. I told him I did not want to go through life being cynical of everyone, however, he was right. I will be a friend to a…

Replying to

Terrell I am sorry that you have had that experience. I have found that all relationships take effort on both sides and friends should always hold the confidences of others. I have also seen, unfortunately, that during the lockdowns the dynamics of relationships have changed. It used to be that as friends we could agree to disagree on certain topics and still remain friends. Now I have seen people willingly give up long term friendships because they don't align politically. I have also seen where people have wished ill on others because they were not in agreement with the covid vaccines etc. It is sad that we as a society have forgotten we were created, we are social creatures a…

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