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Maybe GenZ is Part of the Answer

Could Gen Z Be The Answer?

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If you read headlines and listen to even real news sources, you begin to wonder if the world is so lost it won’t find its way out of this current mess.

A lot is said about GenZ, those are kids born between 1997 and 2002 (I’m told).

I was listening to Genz-er on the radio today talk about her generation.

I walked away feeling really good about what I was hearing.

She says they are tired of being sold.

They don’t believe political BS.

Cultural BS is still wrangling them in but even that, she says, is starting to wain a bit.

They aren’t swayed by rhetoric.

And she says they aren’t afraid to ask hard questions and keep asking.


She admits all generations have their failings and GEN Z has it’s areas it’s lost it’s way.

But according to this podcaster, she see’s a generation that is not satisfied being told what to think.

Oh, god, can it be?

I grew up in a generation more like that.

We had “Don’t trust authority” bumper Stickers and “Don’t trust the media or Big Pharma” messages on our cars.

I thought that was gone, lost to a culture of laziness and nipple suckers satisfied with milk and no teeth to bite into a good chunk of meat.

I jumped in my truck and headed back to work a bit hopeful.

Oh, it’s gonna take more than one generation to get America back on track, but at least someone is starting to think for themselves.

We should encourage and reward anyone, from any generation, willing to say Hell No, I have a question and to keep asking until they get a real answer.

You Go GENZ.

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