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Look Mom No Boat Dock!

Look Mom No Boat Dock

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Since I was 10 my family has visited Pacific City on the Oregon Coast.

I remember my mom and dad (former teachers) let us skip school to go look at the home we eventually purchased on the beachfront.

The town changed a lot.

What was a tacky little place with dumpy bars and bad music is now quite the little hot spot. I have days I wish it were still disjointed. Sometimes progress isn’t very progressive.

One thing that has not changed is the Dory’s that launch right off the beach into the ocean. I remember hearing Pacific City is the only place on the Pacific coast where you can do that but recently someone told me there is one other place this happens. You can google it if you are interested.

Up until a few years ago I had never been on a dory and man was it a lot of fun.

There is always a bit of a battle between tourists, surfers and the fleet but it seems to be a dance that continues and all three seem to co-exist.

If you like to fish and have never done the Dory Thing, I highly recommend it.

If you just want to be entertained while you sip a beer on the beach, there’s nothing quite like watching this.

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