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Know Thy Self-Understand Your Purpose

(The Key To Not Caring About Your Bullies)

Know Thy Self-Understand Your Purpose

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Someone asked me the other day “How can you tolerate some of the mean, nasty people on your social media?

That got me thinking, how do I do that?

Living most of my adult life in the public eye is the best teacher.

You learn human nature, the good, the bad and the very ugly.

I’ve been called everything.

My face, jawline and hair picked apart by the best.

When I ran for public office the opposition tried to take all my years of journalistic work and belittle it into nothing.

During the pandemic it got worse as backstabbers talked nice in person but left a trail of blood online as they, in fear, tried to silence my questions.

I’d like to say I stood up and none of it impacted me, but it did.

I lost a lot of people in my life.

They cowered in fear while I looked for the truth.

Fearful people can’t see past what scares them.

No one wants to be alone on a team so your opposition seeks to silence you because you threaten their sense of well being.

Group thought is easier than thinking for yourself.

What I had to do is go back and understand my purpose.

I got into communications to communicate the truth to others.

I got into journalism because I’m not afraid to question those in authority and the loudmouths in our society.

My mom used to tell me “Ricky, you aren’t everyones cup of tea.”

When you understand who you are and who you aren’t, you are girded in truth and while the arrows and nasty words CAN hurt, they only hurt if you let them.

I heard Joe Rogan say something that really helped. He doesn’t read all the comments people make about him online or in the press.

It’s sad because for me part of those comments is communication, one of my core values.

I’ve started blocking, deleting and disregarding some of my antagonists, not because I don’t want to learn, but because my intuition tells me they are like a pig in a wrestling match.

They are there to use me and my audience to feed their need to be right.

They don’t care to learn anything they just want to see you get dirty.

There’s a great line in the Bible that says “don’t throw your pearls before swine.”

What that means is you have purpose, value and have learned some amazing things that can and should be shared with those around you.

But swine will eat your pearls of wisdom and crap them out without every taking the time to digest what you’ve said and learning from it.

They don’t want to learn, they want to fight.

We each have a purpose on this earth.

Go find yours and it won’t matter what the bullies say to you.

Stay focused and do good to those who are open to it.

And feel free to close the door to the swine.

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