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Kings Verses Rulers

King Verses Ruler

As some of you know I’m reading a book by a Jewish Rabbi called “The Garden of Peace.”

It’s basically a guide for men on how to be good husbands and good people.

This morning something struck me that the Rabbi wrote: “A king is chosen by people who want him to rule over them: a “ruler” is one who conquered a province and rulers over it with out consulting its populace.”

I wonder if this is part of the problem in American today?

In a spiritual sense, cheaters never win.

In today’s world cheaters seem to be honored as long as they don’t get caught.

But in the spiritual realm cheating, lying and manipulation can’t be hidden and destroys everything in its path.

Way back in 2016 the Democrats believed the election was rigged and that Trump should have never won.

Then in 2020 Biden wins and Republican’s believe the same thing.

If there is cheating going on in our election system and it’s being covered up by both sides, perhaps the “chosen king” really is more of a “ruler” than king.

And if that were so, spiritually speaking, we’d have no peace but instead plenty of unrest because the results are a lie and we didn’t elect our king but were captured by a ruler.

You can hide the truth. You can avoid it. You can lie about it and in the natural world, you can get away with it to a degree.

But in the spiritual realm, some call it karma, lying, cheating and covering up, catches up and I’m afraid that is what has happened to our society.

What if if the “chose kings” really are just rulers dictating their own agenda onto an unbelieving, unwilling group of people?

What if the the unrest in the country is a result of a lie?

Spiritually speaking, there can be no peace because the foundation is flawed and if that is true it will get worse because the system is based on a lie.

If you keep going down that path over and over, election after election, is it any wonder we’re in the situation we are in right now?

I talk with so many people on all sides of this debate and it seems to me most people believe it’s time to at least look at the election process and at the very least fine-tune it and prevent even the slightest room for cheating.

But we also as a people must be truth seekers and be willing to call out the lies, even when they come from our team.

It’s hard for someone to convince me they really want peace in our country if they are willing to allow corruption to be “normal.”

We expect our elected officials to cheat! How did it come to this? Is cheating okay as long as you are on the winning team, to Hell with everyone else?

In my book the rabbi talks a lot about arrogance and how it is the destruction of man.

To him arrogance and ego are the single biggest enemy of the human soul and I agree.

There was a time, not that long ago, when the truth mattered more than winning. I can also remember when people rolled up their sleeves, worked hard to find solutions and didn’t argue over details but gave room for disagreement.

We have turned questioning into a crime when questioning is a vital aspect of keeping the peace of a community.

One of the tactics of our enemy, yes we all have the same enemy, is to keep our focus off the truth and instead make it personal.

If you can divide people and get them to make each other the enemy, the truth destroyer wins.

Here is the place where I should try to offer hope but can’t.

I don’t think this is going to end nicely.

I think there is too much spiritual bloodshed and the corruption so incorporated into the fabric of our culture, removing the stain won’t be easy.

We as a people have accepted lying as part of the process and God will not bless a lie but expose it in whatever way He needs to.

Oh, I think it eventually will happen. But until we as a country hunger for THE TRUTH not someones version of “personal truth” the unraveling will continue.

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