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It Will End When We Stand Up

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It's time we as a country demand accountability from each other.

I'm stunned by the response of some to support the actions of Hamas and the brutal murder of thousands while those same people pretend to be justice warriors for peace.

You can't support the slaughter of humans and out of the other side of your face preach equity.

We had 18 of our fellow countrymen murdered by a guy who needed mental health intervention but rather than deal with the what we all know is a huge issue, mental health, we blame an object (a gun) for the killing, not the human who pulled the trigger.

Our president and his staff talk more gun restrictions when tougher restrictions are already in place, what we need to mental health services in this country. It also didn't help when you locked down a society for as long as you did but oh, no, it's not any of that causing the problems it's guns. Bullshit.

We The People need to speak up. We need to demand more from our media and stop accepting their puppetry as news. We need to stop joining in on the choir of lies from our leaders and push, really push for the mental health services needed to turn this around.

You don't have to publicly scream about it but use your vote to get rid of the parrots. When some one utters words that sound untrue or that you disagree with, say something. We can't keep going like this it's destroying the very fabric of our society.

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