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It's Who I Am

Photo: Patty Hatch Sells

It’s Who I Am

We don’t have to apologize for who we are God started this project and He’s not quite finished.

I read on a friends page “Thank God for my poetic, and sometimes tragic heart.” Bil Heiser.

Those words echo off every bone in my body.

The world is a crazy place. Another friend wrote “More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.” Colin David McCarthy.

Some criticize me for the depth of my feelings and restlessness of my soul. It’s a gift, part of the package my creator blessed me with it’s only culture who see’s it as a curse.

I may see things you don’t but that doesn’t mean my vision is clouded it simply means yours isn’t clear.

There are those who will never understand us but why spend our lives explaining our rough spots? It’s up to God to help us smooth them out we should not allow people to throw stones expecting that to work as sandpaper to smooth us over. I don’t want to be smoothed or coddled I want to live as authentically as I can.

I welcome questions but only those that seek true enlightenment not questions designed to trick, manipulate or rob me of what is most important to me….my peace.

So culture be damned. You can try to muffle me with a mask, dim my intelligence with a shot or degrade me with your signaling. It will not work.

God created me to follow only one….He made me to bend a knee to the most high not a fickle culture looking for ignorant worshippers.

I, like the others reading these words have no desire to fit in to your lunacy. I am a lion not a sheep. I am a work in progress not someone whose arrogance blinds them into submission.

Oh, and if you think you are going to change that, (chuckle) don’t waste your breath, This……It’s Who I Am.

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