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It's Not Political It's Sex Trafficking

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Stop Making This Political

Last night my heart broke as I listened to a 17 year old survivor of sex trafficking talk about her experience on our Get Real With Rick Dancer Podcast.

Her mother’s boyfriend sold her to someone for sex. She says she was sold hundreds of times in her still short life.

When I wrote online that I would be talking with her and discussing the new movie on sex trafficking “Sound of Freedom”, a few folks came on my page and said “Oh, you must be a conservative if you are covering this issue and the movie.”

My blood started to boil. It’s not the first time I’ve had pushback from folks on the left over the issue of trafficking and the movie.

One woman even told me the stats I was given from the movie producers were inflated.

Who gives a damn, one person treated this way is too many and she wants to argue numbers and debate how bad it really is? Shame on her.

This young woman’s life is nearly ruined and it will take her years of therapy to ever feel human again and we have people making this political?

We are truly a screwed up country. What is wrong with us? Did the reaction to COVID and some people’s hate for Trump destroy any empathy they had in their body?


For those who choose to make this political, shame on you. For the rest of you I suggest you watch the interview and realize this is happening, not just in other countries but right there in Oregon, in Lane County, in your hometown.

Stop making this political people’s lives are at stake.

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