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It's Coming To A Head

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

It’s Coming To A Head

The wind is howling outside so much so I ran out to take the wind chimes down so they didn’t have to work overtime.

The skies are clear and the moon showing off its glory as my fingers rattle the keys of my laptop.

Despite what the social media giants are doing to try to silence my voice more people are finding me online.

Oh, FB is working hard to throttle words with algorithms and bias like I’ve never seen before, but it’s coming to a head.

People are done with numbers that don’t add up, “facts” that are anything but facts but just opinions masked as righteous truth.

It’s coming to a head.

Oregon’s school report card is near the bottom nationally as the government asks for more money to pump into a failed system in need of an overhaul. In Eugene one self-righteous board member holds the board and community hostage trying to cover her ignorance and lack of preparation with claims of racism.

In Eugene, while the country’s energy sources are in crisis, the city council votes to limit the use of Natural Gas. The five members who voted “yes” fail to understand the reality of that decision but go home “feeling” like they are moral elites.

The irony is as the area claims to want clean energy it sits in a self describe Nuclear Free Zone, banning the “CLEANEST” form of energy on the planet.

Is that Irony or hypocrisy or just stupidity?

In the midst of all this craziness sits you and me.

We scratch our heads, ask questions like “Do they only read what tickles their eye balls?”

“Do they understand science or what?”

When I say this is all coming to a head that is a good thing.

The silent can’t remain that way and must find a unified voice.

This is not a left or right, conservative or liberal issue, it’s common sense and I think “common sense” is about to become much more common.

You can only live in “ridiculous” for so long.

People’s ideology only takes them so far.

At some point it starts to impact your daily life, the life of your neighbors and the destruction of your business community.

You played the game and now….checkmate.

It’s time to wipe the slate clean and start a new game.

This time, getting along isn’t part of the rules.

This time “fair” doesn’t mean giving up a bishop because you give once and they’ll take your crown.

It’s time the mass’ get in the game.

I know you don’t like playing and you’d rather just try to get along but that didn’t work.

It’s coming to a head.

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