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Is It A Big Wave, The Middle Finger, Or Both

The Great Lie

It seems just about every industry in the country is in dire need of workers.

Kathy and I were asking each other recently “How do people live without a job?”

Most people didn’t think twice about working but seems these days many choose not to work.

So who is paying them not to work and why is that okay?

Besides hurting the economy and making it difficult for businesses to survive, there is another detrimental effect of this decision not to work.

Now we hear the Federal Reserve is working to bring unemployment up to ward off the devastating impact of the recession.

I’m no expert but that sounds like a disaster itself.

Won’t that only bring on more distress and depression to a society already living on the edge?

There’s an old Moroccan saying that goes: “Be industrious and people will love you.” But I wonder that this doesn’t go even deeper. When you don’t work and let someone else pay your way I think you feel badly about yourself which can lead to laziness and depression.

We are meant to produce. But the “Great Lie” today is you don’t have to and someone will be there to take care of you. How good can we feel about ourselves deep down inside if we know we are allowing others to pay our way?

We read headlines of mental illness on the rise, depression as an epidemic….How much of that is brought on by the refusal of some to work?

You can’t make people do the right thing. You can’t force production on people but you can stop making it so easy for them to choose this way out.

Perhaps it’s time for a bit of tough love, you know, the way it used to be where you don’t work you don’t get paid.

In the end perhaps that would be not only good for the financial health of our country but also for the mental health of our society as well.

Here is an interview Betsy Johnson did yesterday that I hope you will listen to.

The big lie is not only about working it is also that we cannot change anything.

Just my thoughts for the day.

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