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If It's About Climate Change Then Why?

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Is It Really About Climate Change?

Ten years ago you didn’t plan your summer around forest fires, now that’s a must.

We don’t manage our federal forests to prevent fire and instead leave old timber and left over brush all over the forests just waiting for a lightening strike to set it off and cause a major fire.

After the fire, private landowners go in and clean up the downed and damaged tree’s to prevent them from being another fire starter.

But because of litigation, many of the same folks who claim they support efforts to reduce climate change, fight to make sure the federal forests leave all that material on the ground, tempting mother nature to strike with fire…..and she does.

Trees are the best carbon filter we’ve got.

But when burned are a huge contributor to the carbon problem.

We recently talked with a group of experts from the timber industry and this question came up and I thought some of you would be very interested in the stats.

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