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I Wrestle So Much With Trust?

Why Do I Wrestle So Much With Trust?

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I think the most difficult aspect of trusting God is understanding when to swim and when to tread water.

“When thou passes through the waters…they shall not overflow thee.” Isaiah 43:2.

God rarely opens paths ahead of time. He doesn’t promise help before it’s needed.

For those who follow my writings, I wrote about Richard Gorsuch, a day or so ago and the impact the man had on my life. Well, he’s still impacting my life.

One of you found Richard, sent me his phone number so I called him yesterday. Richard turns 90 the end of the month. He, his wife Bonnie and I spent about an hour on the phone.

For those who don’t follow or missed “The Other Richard” post, I did a story on Richard in 2002. He’s an artist and had a special project and we featured him on KEZI.

I’m going to have him on the show soon. To make it better, one of his friends has a recording of the story on a broadcast that we will also air.

I watched it this morning and missed the guy I used to be but glad I’m not him anymore.

Life is tough. Life isn’t as clear as we would like. There are moments we get the chance to step out or we can play it safe, keep our head low and try to get through it. We want someone to give us the answer but God is looking for our trust and will only lay down a stone for safe passage, one at a time. Often times that stone isn’t there until my foot is in the air and about to land on nothing.

God does not move obstacles out of our way before we reach them. But we tend to forget that when the storm clouds appear and our vision clouded.

We worry and fret about the future. We wish God would light the path right now so we can cozy up to a warm fire and a soft blanket and feel at peace with our decision.

I do not pretend to understand any of this. Why do people come in and out of our lives at the right moment? Why is security so illusive and slippery to the touch.

When walls around us begin to crumble and waters rise to the point it’s difficult to breathe, what are we to do?

Swim, tread water or sink?

I know but one thing, while my circumstances change by the hour God does not. He is committed until the end and beyond. I must learn to look at each day, not yesterday or the day to come.

I’ve often said what I’d like on my tombstone are two simple words. They are the words that best describe my relationship with God. He does NOT expect perfection but action. To have relationship with Him is a dance. He leads the steps. The two words that will describe my life….. “He Tried.”

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I'm not a swimmer. God knows I'm not. I all but failed the Red Cross swimming lessons at age 8. I'm thankful that I don't have to "swim" thru life, with OR against the current...for my Lord holds me...thru storms, thru sunshine, thru bad dreams and good ones. He's always holding me. He has promised never to leave me. You've experienced this too. So, we just keep on keeping on, holding onto Him...and when our grip seems to weaken we know that HE is holding onto US. His grip will never weaken.


Rick, like me you sometimes miss that young fella in the mirror. But, you know in your heart that you are better than that younger fella and closer to God. Keep trusting the God that is growing you....He hasn't let you down yet. - M

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