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I'm So Ashamed Of Our Hate & Ignorance

It’s Not Okay To Hate

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When did it become okay to hate?

I look at the anti-semitism in this country right now and I’m ashamed.

When I was in the news business, stuff like this was unacceptable and a huge story, each and every time it happened.

I’m not in Oregon any longer so I’ll leave it up to those of you who are, to tell us how this is shacking out there.

It’s so dangerous.

I hear reports on the news of death threats aimed at people of the Jewish faith.

There are those who want to make this a Palestine verses Israel debate but they are fooling themselves to think such a thing.

This is Hamas, a terrorist organization, that started it by killing Israelis, it is they who brought it on.

But we have ignorant people on college campus’ all over this country siding with the side of terrorism.

I’m watching a film series on what happened to the family of Anne Frank.

10 years ago I would not even fathom what that would feel like.

But our world is getting awfully close to doing the same thing to people in fact, I’d say we’re already there.

It’s ugly, it’s evil and it’s wrong.

Are we become a world where singling out the Jewish people is acceptable again?

Major universities and ivy league schools have no problem throttling free speech when it comes to issues they disagree with but find hate speech okay to support and protect.

Shame on them.

Maybe the federal government should withhold any funding to school who allow this type of hate speech?

I hope we think long and hard about where we are going as a nation because it’s not pretty.

Yes, people are and should be free to say what they want.

But they must also understand there are consequences to their actions.

You can’t preach non-hate of group X and then call for hate for group Z.

That’s called hypocrisy and it needs to be called out.

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