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I Hate To Break Your Balloon

I Hate To Break Your Balloon

I had tons of messages yesterday about “The Balloon.”

That’s because we live in Montana where the “China Balloon” was reported hovering in our airspace.

I’m not freaked out about the balloon.

Yes I have tons of questions but our current government doesn’t seem to feel the need to share or answer questions with the public.

That right there is what concerns me more than anything.

This is why government leaders should NOT be doing business with other governments. (Biden)

This is why their children should not be involved with such activity and why we have moral laws and ethical standards (at least we used to) that political types were expected to abide by.

But that was a long time ago,

I wonder what it will take to get the power back in the hands of the people?

I wonder what it will take to get people like you and me so outraged that we DEMAND to be told what is going on in our country and why?

Our president needs to answer our questions.

His press secretary doesn’t get to ignore questions asked over and over just because she has no good answer.

My guess is this balloon in itself is not a big deal but the fact that China is pushing us to see how weak our leadership is and how far they can go, that is something we should be very concerned about.

We used to be seen as a super power now we are being walked on by those who wish to have that position in the world.

China, Russia, and many others want to bring America down and we seem to be playing into their hand.

No one is afraid of the current administration, no one.

Peace is not acquired through weakness.

Those who seek to destroy our peace and freedom will look for any crack in our armor and this balloon is a dangerous game and our current leadership is failing the test.

If we care about our freedom and the freedom of others we’d better take a hard look at what’s going on in our country.

Perhaps we need to get our focus off some of the B.S. the current administration is pushing and get back to the job of running the country and getting our deficit under control.

In order to help people we need to be strong and right now our nation is no threat to any evil power.

We better wake up and woke down,,,,,before it’s too late.

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