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I Can Walk On Water

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Kathy and I have lived in Townsend Montana for going on eight months and until today had yet to get on Canyon Ferry Lake.

Since then we've met folks with boats so this Summer look out.

But today we did get on the water but our floatation device was a 4wheeler and our mission to talk to ice fishermen.

Kathy shot much of the video, I drove the quad and Joe our neighbor made sure we found people and didn't sink into the water.

Wow, what an experience.

I'll be putting together a story for later and the last weekend of January the Lions Club in Townsend will put on a huge ice fishing competition.

So make your plans and get your warm gear ready..

Fish On.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert

I'm jealous...


Never been ice fishing. Catch one for me and tell us how you liked it! - M


You guys are having too much fun!

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