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I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

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On a cold morning in Townsend ,Montana my soul is quiet my mood calm.

I stare outside my kitchen window into the vast wilderness called Big Sky Country.

People come here, live here, dream of this place as a land to get lost in.

You lose your fear, you lose any timidness you might have and you understand what man says doesn’t really matter, the opinion of the creator of that wilderness is all that matters.

And that my friends gives you an unimaginable strength.

Montana is not the only place to find it but for me, the extreme forces my hand.

All around me headlines scream as they try to capture my attention.

But I know something the headlines fail to put in the story….I know the author of this book and the ending is good.

Snow covered mountains surround me in this tiny valley like a fortress built by God Himself to hide His people.

I am one of them.

I belong to Him.

He started my story almost 64 years ago.

My story, your story, they are intwined for a reason, a reason we probably won’t know until we get to the next chapter.

Our stories are filled with ups, downs, mishaps and accidental moves of goodness.

I’ve lived on top and on the bottom but most of my life, like you, is lived in between.

The culture pushes to squeeze my life into mere bullet points and black & white.

But my God refuses to limit me with heavy markers and instead gives wide breadth to my borders and boldness in my speech.

There is something about living in Montana that makes me feel one step closer to God.

I think it’s the extremes and the people.

Everything is extreme here.

It takes more effort to go to the store, to drive to the gym, to go outside and hike when it’s 12 degree’s.

Heck, just to go to the store you have to pile on sweater’s, coats, a hat, gloves and sunglasses (it’s quite sunny here and snow is bright).

But God is extreme so maybe that’s why I love it so much.

He says to me “danger is real here but so am I, who you gonna trust Rick Dancer?”

So we live braver.

We live larger.

We try harder and take more risks.

The other day I was listen to something and they played this old song I remember from my church days.

I’m linking the video for those who just need a little reminder that as the world falls apart God is picking up some pieces and allowing others to be destroyed.

What’s he up to?

I Can Only Imagine.

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I can literally feel the peace you have, as I read this, Rick. I'm moved as never before, by your expression of faith and at-peace-ness. You truly HAVE found your geographic place as well as your spiritual one, and I even feel drawn into it. As a believer in Jesus since the age of pretty much zero (Daddy and G'pa were both pioneering pastors), but taking a knowledge-based decision to receive Him personally at age ten, it resonates with me that you are really in step with the Lord as you've made the trek from Oregon to Montana completely by faith. Guess we can call you an Abraham of sorts?! Thank you for all the "Get-Real-ness" in your blo…


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Mar 12, 2023

The movie of that song is amazing. I feel White Fish calling us but the time is not now.


That's how living in Wallowa county makes me feel. Blessings my friend. -

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