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Hope Is Just Behind That Question

Hope Is Just One Question Away.

As a former journalist my life is all about “The Question.”

There is no such thing as a bad, dumb or inappropriate question in my book.

I was watching a White House Press conference the other day, appalled by the way the current press secretary dodged, ducked and avoided questions from the media as they hammered her looking for answers but she refused to answer. She even tried to make them look stupid for asking.

When topics are raised in the public forum, if they strike a tone or side of an issue that rubs against the current narrative, the questioner is quickly silenced, labeled and shunned for daring to dig a little deeper.

I have friends who feel the current censorship by culture, media and politics is okay because if the question goes against their current ideology it’s quickly spanked with a fake news label and has to be wrong.

And yet, clearly, as time goes by lying narratives tend to expose themselves. Problem is ,time has a way of watering down the lie and people are hurt, damaged or dead and you can’t bring them back. All because you were afraid or shunned for asking a question.

It’s uncomfortable to confront with a question. It’s awkward to challenge a lie. During the “Dark Time” so many accused the questioners ethics with labels of selfishness and even murder.

But I wonder how many people died and continue to die because we didn’t/don’t ask more questions? Rather than follow through the majority silenced the askers assuming what they were being told to be true and everything else an enemy.

But the questions are becoming too obvious to ignore. The truth is often silent until it’s too late and lies, while covered for a while, are exposed by those who refuse to stop questioning.

What I’m trying to say is The Lies will catch up to us.

We must ask more questions and seek out answers.

“They” do not want us to do that because “They” think they know what’s best.

But clearly that is not the case.

So keep asking my friends.

Ask until the lies are exposed.

We are not put here to follow a lie we are here to seek the truth….so go find it.

Have a great weekend and never lose hope.

Hope is just one question away.

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