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Hold Onto Those Pearls

Save Your Pearls

Yesterday I was doing a live on a social media channel and had this great bit of advice fall from the sky.

A bunch of people started talking politics, asking for my thoughts.

They didn’t really want to hear what I had to say and when we disagreed fired the usual “regressive political answers” at me.

I have always been a guy who likes to listen to different ideas, I still am.

But what I’m discovering is people in certain circles aren’t like that.

They don’t want to listen just convince you they are right.

In decades past you could have intelligent conversations with these folks but today intelligence is traded for ignorance and conversation for conversion.

I’ve decided I’m done engaging or being engaged by such people.

I have so many days on this earth and so many breaths that wasting even one on another endless conversation is not worth my time.

I’m still interested in ideas and thoughts I may disagree with but I will base my engagement on the person offering those inquiries.

As I come to this conclusion I am reminded about a verse in the Bible that warns against throwing your pearls to swine.

Every question doesn’t deserve an answer and you and I must preserve our peace of mind and not get sucked into the mental health nightmare known us regressive culture.

It’s not worth it and once sucked in it’s an abyss of turmoil and endless, mindless chatter.

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1 Comment

My life coach helped me come to that same conclusion: not every question requires an answer - no matter what the questioner says. And many questions deserve non-answers. In fact, when you give your answer, you are NOT required to go any further than just what you said. You are not required to enlarge on it, explain it, or in any way become salubrious. Continue saying the same thing, and nothing else. Because those who question or challenge your answer are in reality only after, as you said, changing YOUR mind, not expanding their own. And a good non-answer would be, "My answer is not going to change. Next questioner, please?"

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