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His Last Dancer

His Last Dance

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I met an old cowboy in Townsend Montana a few months ago.

His name is Dancer Davis. Dancer isn’t his birth name but a nickname given to him when he distracted the bulls in the rodeo.

Dancer did so many things.

He lived his life like we all should, out loud and with kindness.

I was sad to get an email last week saying Dancer was found in his bed in an eternal sleep.

He made the passage from this life to the next and now he’s gone.

I only met him twice but would see him driving around town in his big cars smiling ear to ear and waving to everyone.

I went back to my files and found two interviews I did with Dancer and tonight I’m going to air them on our Get Real With Rick Dancer Show 5pm PT and 6pm MT.

It’s fun when you do what I do for a living.

You get to ask people questions and when they’re gone those questions are still hauntingly relative and, for me, I go back and think God must have wanted me to ask that question.

Dancer has some advice that he earned in 75 years of traveling this planet. It’s advice you can’t find on a podcast or a book, it’s live from the source and filled with hints of how to make our lives not easier but better.

I rewatched the interview as I put it together for you and found myself writing things down, things I need to remember. But I also found myself thanking God that He puts us in places where we meet the right people for just the right moment.

We will all join Dancer someday, in our own personal last dance.

Will we go out dragging or will we find peace in our last breath knowing we did this thing called life well.

Wisdom is a funny thing. People want it so badly but fail to live their lives, like Dancer did, on the edge, outside the box and on the fringe.

I hope you take a look at this interview.

Pearls of wisdom are hard to find today and these pearls are just waiting to teach you something you may not have heard before.

Life is a dance and Dancer did it as best he could.

Perfectly? Hell no, but no one does.

But he did it well.

Don’t be a wallflower….get out on the floor and just dance.

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I heard one of the interviews you did with him. Sorry for your and all our loss of this unique individual, but, "life is made up of meetings and partings....and that's the way of it" (Kermit the Frog). The man sure lived his journey of life to the fullest, on his terms and is home now. I will tune in and pick up some more tidbits of his wisdom and experience. - M

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