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Here We Go

Here We Go.

I should have known this was coming.

As you heard in the video attached, I’m done being bullied as the so called “open-minded” try to shut my mouth.

The new Disney Film “Elemental” is doing poorly and that was pointed out by a national commentator.

I have not seen the film and only commented because for me, people need to stand up for what they believe and they are finally starting to do that….period.

We are tired of giant corporations (like Disney)telling us what we are supposed to believe.

I said nothing about the films content.

My post is about people finally standing up to the pressure to be silent.

Silent is not an option in my world.

So someone decided I needed to be called out for my opinion.

This person took their message to the Human Rights Commission in Eugene and publicly gave a little speech.

“And Rick Dancer had shared that, you know. I think he lives in Montana now, but he continues to have a big voice in our community, among people who consider themselves like open-minded, middle-of-the-road, common-sense, these kinds of terms.

[00:02:05] And his comment, I can't see it now ‘cause he deleted it, but he basically said something like, ‘People are waking up to the BS (or something) of acceptance of non-binary people in film or children's media’ or whatever it may be, you know? Ooh. Scary. Right.

[00:02:20] As a person who identifies under that identity myself, I just think he deserves to be called out”

He tried to tie it to an assembly I did at North Eugene in 2011.

His “testimony” goes on.

“There's a person who was a speaker at a civil rights rally. His name was a former newscaster, Rick Dancer. He was actually brought in as like the speaker, the keynote speaker for our event on like social justice, and that was like 2011. And now, things have just changed a lot it seems.”

A news organization I’ve never heard of wanted to interview me.

That’s how I found out about it.

Instead I sent this reply”

Thank you for passing that along.

His quote "People are waking up to the BS (or something) of acceptance of non-binary people in film or children's media’ or whatever it may be, you know?"

That is not what I said.

I never said anything about acceptance or non-acceptance of non-binary.

Do I think companies like Disney are going too far pushing an agenda, yes.

But that doesn't mean, nor did I say, I think people should hide who they are or not live as they choose to live but we should also give room for people to disagree with our choices without a public verbal flogging.

The "assembly" I spoke at in 2011 was a Martin Luther King assembly at North Eugene High.

I was asked by two prominent members of the black community to speak.

As I remember, white school leadership at the time, did not want me to speak.

My two friends convinced them to let me and it turned out well, according to them.

The school leader, who didn't think it was appropriate for me to speak (because I am white), apologized after the assembly.

That speech had nothing to do with this and was not about social justice.

It was about how we all need to see past color and work with each other.

We need to stop trying to force people to agree with us and instead be who we are despite what others think.

If we're comfortable in our skin, it shouldn't matter if people agree with us.

There was nothing in that speech about non-binary and the person trying to link the two is stretching to try to make his point.

He tells us his motive when he says “As a person who identifies under that identity myself, I just think he deserves to be called out”

Our friend makes many assumptions that were not written in the text and I’m sorry he takes it personally.

But that’s his choice and I’m okay with he and I disagreeing.

But apparently he is not and I’m supposed to keep my opinions to myself.

The day after posting Shapiro’s article I pulled it.

I do that sometimes.

I relook at something and decide, not my battle.

No one said anything negative, that I know of, I didn’t read all the comments.

But I thought to myself, I don’t like what Disney is doing and I’m glad people are standing up, but this isn’t my battle.

Apparently now, someone wants to make it so.

Voicing our opinions is a dangerous thing.

I guess if someone really wanted to educate or find common ground with me they might have tried connecting rather than publicly flogging me at a Human Rights meeting.

I guess motives can be pretty obvious can’t they.

It’s not the first time this has happened to me and as long as people choose to be offended rather than have a conversation, the madness will continue.

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Jun 22, 2023

I am against bullying by any side of the social or political spectrum. I believe a non-hurtful expression of views is ok. I am glad that a school leader apologized to you. Sometimes I get the sense you think no one apologizes to you. As to Disney’s “agenda” it looks to me similar to what Koch industries/companies or Fox News does on the right. Do you not like that all these companies speak out or just that Disney has a view you may not like? Tell us.

you finish with “rather than have a conversation “ yet several of your readers have often urged you to have a conversation rather than ignoring our thoughts. Thanks.

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Jun 23, 2023
Replying to

Agreed. Even RFK Jr's own family don't buy into any of his nonsense.


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Jun 22, 2023

Someone has nothing better to do. I notice the person uses a lot of language that makes it seem he’s not certain. Using words ‘like, um, I think’ sounds like he really doesn’t have a clue. Keep speaking out. It’s your page, your thoughts.

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
Jun 22, 2023
Replying to

Thank you

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