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God Doesn't Need Numbers He Needs Listeners

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

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Numbers Aren’t Important To God

I think a lot of us limit God based on numbers.

We think we need more voices, more courageous people, more bravery than we really need.

Sure, it would be great to see more people wiping the sleep from their eyes and facing facts.

But there are plenty of examples in the Bible where God will turn a culture or city around, with just a handful of truly good people.

In centuries past people attributed thunder, lightening and big storms to a god.

They saw power as loud, big and noisy.

But the God of Abraham and Elisha was more quiet, more still, more of a whisperer.


I have no idea but wonder if it has something to do with the old saying “If you want someone’s attention whisper.”

Try it.

In a room full of loudness when you whisper the attention of the person you are talking about becomes more keen.

They tune-in to what you are saying more intensely.

Gideon was one of God’s warriors.

When he ordered him to choose the right men for his army he didn’t pick bases on size or strength. He selected based on a standard God set, not man.

I was listening to a podcast with a couple of agitators of the current tyrannical leadership we are experiencing in our country. They talked of the cost of standing up and against such things. They spoke of the destruction of people’s lives, for resistance.

On a much lesser scale, I get it.

But like them, there is something in me that cannot be silent.

My life, my career and my passion center around one thing….the truth.

If I took time to think about all the loss and what this has cost Kathy and me, it would be overwhelming.

So I think about the still small voice in my soul that won’t rest until the truth is known.

The woman in the podcast said something like when you get to that point you don’t care as much and it starts to become fun.

As we face some pretty dark times we must remember while strength is often found in numbers, God doesn’t need numbers to create a movement.

He can start with just a few.

You onboard?

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