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Frozen By Fear

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Frozen In Fear

I noticed this sign as we came of “Big Bull Bar & Grill” yesterday and my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about the words.

“Bad Decisions Make Great Stories.”

It is so true and yet so many today seem trapped in fear, unable to move, for fear they will make the wrong decision.

I have made my share of bad decisions in my life.

But looking back I don’t know that they were wrong decisions but instead moments that got me unstuck.

I’m a big believer in the idea/fact that God is co-author of my life and even or perhaps especially when I make poor decisions, uses those to move me in the right direction.

We raised pigs when the boys were young.

Pigs are smart and rarely make the same wrong decision twice.

Unlike sheep that are stupid and never learn from their mistakes.

God compares us with sheep which I find offensive but better understand following “the dark time.”

When you move pigs you have these pieces of plywood with handles on them that you use to steer the pig in the right direction. You use the board to block the animals view keeping his vision narrow to target the pig in the right direction. The key to moving a pig is don’t let him stop moving. Pigs are short, stout and stubborn. Once stopped you can’t push them you have to wait for their willingness to move.

I think God is like that with me. He puts blinders up to keep me from looking too far ahead. I may wander all over the field but that’s okay He just wants to make sure I don’t idle or I will be stuck for who knows how long.

If you and I had the freedom to live that way (and we do) can you imagine what we could accomplish?

If we allowed our vision to be limited, trusting the guy with the board in his hand is guiding us in the right direction, we could move mountains.

On this week of thanksgiving I’m truly thankful Kathy and I have that kind of faith in the master. We know from experience our mistakes do make the best stories and the trips and blunders are the exclamation point in our story.

Stop living as if your mistakes define you. Don’t worry what those around you think, say or spit at you behind your back. You have one life to live. Wouldn’t it be horrible to get to the end and find there is nothing to talk about, nothing to remember and that all the mistakes are hidden making your existence acceptable but not memorable.

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Keep living your story, Rick. Do the Author proud and be all the Rick you were created to be!


At best, we can leave a legacy of a sorts. For me, it is in the form of my daughter and granddaughter. These ladies are two of the three most important people in my life. I know that when I am gone, these two will carry on with the values I have passed onto them.

Mistakes? Oh yeah. I've made my share. I used to dwell on them to the point of being mentally crippled. I am thankful that I gave that nonsense up years ago. Life is too damn short to be bogged down with such baggage.

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