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Follow Your Heart, God's Call

Following Our Heart, God’s Call

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Winds are whipping at 35 miles an hour outside my windows in Townsend Montana.

Without counting wind chill it’s 33 degrees.

We spent the last few days preparing for Winter.

Everything is battened down, lawn furniture put away so we are ready.

Inside it’s warm and toasty, our foundation solid, nothing to fear.

We went to a movie in Helena last night.

Ran into a couple from North Bend, Oregon who plan to move here soon.

It was fun to see them in a place we were a few months ago.

It was also interesting to see how far we’ve come.

The movie was about a girl willing to chuck her law degree for a new life on a far away island.

The decision made no sense to her parents, who tried to manipulate her into changing her plan.

In the end she followed her heart.

Kathy and I chose to uproot our lives to follow, not a dream but a vision from God.

That’s not how it started but time reveals reasons accurately.

We needed to get away from who we were to find out who we are.

We longed for a fresh perspective, something we couldn’t get living the same pattern, stuck in the same mold.

It was NOT Oregon we left.

It was the old version of us.

Making that change is like a separation.

You find a new love but still miss things about the old relationship.

As anyone who leaves will tell you this is a process.

The other day sitting at a mayors prayer breakfast in a room full of people, I felt a rip and a tug.

The rip was from my past…the tug was to this new place we now call home.

As I watched the movie I wanted to laugh because they made it all seem so Hollywood and happily ever after.

Many of the struggles I had in Oregon are still with me.

What has changed is my location.

When you leave the familiar you must find a new part of yourself and I’ll tell you that’s fun and frightening all wrapped in one.

The real difference for us is we need pure freedom to explore the undiscovered bits and pieces of who we are.

Freedom is easier to find here.

That’s all I will say on that subject right now.

We needed a fresh start and a place we could have open conversations and this is it.

And you know what’s even more exciting?

We may do this for ten years here and hear God whisper “it’s time to move on” and we will.

We’ve done it and are not afraid.

(although next time we’re taking less with us LOL)

Some don’t understand why or what we are doing and that’s okay.

God’s plan for us is not for you.

Oh, but He has a place for you and you might be right where He wants you.

But if and when He calls you to leave, not necessarily a place, but who you are now, Follow Your Heart, Follow the Call of God.

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1 Comment

Snow here in Wallowa County. Maybe someday our paths will cross and we can share like experiences. Life is an exciting and growth journey if we will but allow God to lead. It fills my soul with joy to see y'all healing and growing as we did. May the Lord always guide your footsteps and your life be filled with awe that inspires. Amen, Brother. - M

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